Palazzo della Vicinia

Palazzo della Vicinia è stato sede, fino ad alcuni anni fa, degli uffici del Comune ora sistemati nel restaurato Palazzo Firmian.

L’interessantissimo rilievo del 1841 redatto dall’ing. Luigi Eccher indicava già l’edificio quale Casa Comunale, mentre da fonti storiche risulta che il Palazzo sarebbe stato utilizzato dalla “Vicinia”, antica comunità feudale.

Foto di Palazzo della Vicinia innevato - foto Giorgio Carli

Palazzo della Vicinia

Until a few years ago, the “Palazzo della Vicinia” hosted the offices of the Town Council, now located in the renovated “Palazzo Firmian”.

The remarkable report by Luigi Eccher in 1841 proved that this building was already used as the Town Hall, while historical sources show that the building was used by the “Vicinia” (the ancient feudal community).

The original project was modified to host the municipal engineering department on the ground floor. This allowed for a better and more functional arrangement of the other municipal offices of Palazzo Firmian.

The first floor and the attic were used for the library, while the basement hosts the Documentation Centre, which contains several findings brought to light by the recent archaeological work and hosts a number of temporary exhibitions.

All the renovation work was carried out with a specific authorisation and in accordance with precise indications given by the Cultural Heritage Office of the Province, particularly with regard to the consolidation of the cracks and fractures in the vaults of the arches, the application of dehumidifying plaster, the cleaning of stone and metallic parts and the renovation of doors and frames.


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