Palazzo Firmian

La prestigiosa sede del Comune di Mezzocorona è Palazzo Firmian, nobile residenza che si affaccia sulla centrale piazza della Chiesa. Il palazzo signorile, a seguito dei recenti restauri (anni ’90), ha riacquistato una funzione pubblica che ebbe per gran parte della sua storia.

Foto di Palazzo Firmian sede del Municipio - foto Filippo Carli


Palazzo Firmian is a noble residence facing the central Piazza della Chiesa and is the prestigious location of the Town Council offices of Mezzocorona. Following the recent renovation work (in the 1990s), this noble palace has now regained the public function it used to have in the past.

 It appears that in the Middle Ages, this was the site of the “scaria vescovile” (the building where the tithes destined to the Prince Bishop of Trento were collected).

The palace was later the seat of the jurisdiction of Mezzocorona, in the hands of the Firmian family from the late 15th century until 1824.

Based on recent studies, it seems that the place name Mezzocorona derives from the surname of the noble family whose last descendant was Dorotea Metz, who married the noble and powerful knight Nicolò Firmian, who probably ordered the first renovation work of the ancient “scaria vescovile” in the late 15th century.

The present-day appearance of this palace dates back to the early 18th century, when Francesco Alfonso Firmian commissioned some significant restoration work.

In the 18th century, the palace became the family’s main residence, together with Firmian Castle.

In the 19th century, the building became the property of some private families (Chini and then Martinelli) and it was converted into an inn. It was subsequently used as a private residence until the Municipality bought it in 1985.

During the recent restoration work, the historical and cultural aspects were studied in detail and its relevance was pointed out.

In particular, it was possible to identify Paul Troger (1698 - 1762) from the South Tyrol as the painter of the frescoes on the second floor of the building.


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