Chiesa pievana di S. Maria Assunta

La prima menzione documentaria relativa alla chiesa pievana di Mezzocorona risale al 17 luglio 1199. Si tratta dell’investitura fatta dal vescovo di Trento Corrado da Beseno (1189-1205) ad Albertino e Manfredino di Tono del Dosso delle Visioni per costruirvi un castello.

Foto Cupola e campanile della Chiesa - foto G. Carli

Parish church of Santa Maria Assunta (Our Lady of the Assumption)

The first document referring to the Parish Church of Mezzocorona dates back to 17 July 1199. It was an authorisation granted by the Bishop of Trento, Corrado da Beseno (1189-1205), to Albertino and Manfredino di Tono to build a castle on the Dosso delle Visioni.

This document was signed in the Church of Mezo (in ecclesia de Meze).

Despite the general name Mezo or Mez, which at the time comprised the area on both the right and left side of the Noce River, scholars are convinced that said church is the one in Mezzocorona, to which all later documents about the parish church refer.

In 1217, the parish church was dedicated to Santa Maria; the document dated Trento 2 December 1217 regards a dispute between Rodegerio, the parish priest of Mez, and Nicolò, a priest from the Church of San Floriano, over some tithes.

This document provides the first and most important information about the Parish Church of Santa Maria in Mezzocorona.

The Bishop of Trento, Federico Vanga, settled a quarrel between Rodegerio, the parish priest of Mez, and Nicolò, a priest from the Church of San Floriano, over some tithes (Rodegerium plebanum ecclesiae Sanctae Mariae plebis de Mezo).

Here we find the first mention of the parish, the consecration of the Baptismal Church to Santa Maria and the name of the first parish priest we know of.

Rodegerio, the parish priest of Mez, is to be identified with the son of an important figure belonging to the Mez family (of Mezzocorona) who shared the same name and is mentioned in several documents of the early 13th century, where he is also named as canon of Bressanone although it is unlikely to be the canon himself.

The archpriest of Mez, mentioned in a document from 1222 and in all the works regarding the parish of Mezzocorona, is the result of a mistaken interpretation of the document, so the next parish priest is not mentioned until 1271 when Giacomo, canon of the cathedral and parish priest of Mez, is referred to.

Starting from the second half of the 13th century, there are more and more references in documents; particularly interesting are those on parchments from the Thun archive of Castel Bragher: besides figures from the parish of Mez, the Church of San Gottardo in the Castello della Corona is mentioned for the first time in 1278.

The present-day archpriest church of Mezzocorona, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, was built on the site of the Gothic church that was demolished in 1862.

Based on the plans regarding the earlier churches that came to light during the demolition and that were identified by the surveyor, Luigi Dorigati, it is possible to have an idea of how the various holy buildings developed throughout the centuries up to today’s cathedral.

In 1475, following the request of Gasparo Aichner, some cardinals issued an edict dated Rome, 2 December, granting indulgence to anyone who visited the church and left an offer to contribute to the reconstruction work.

In 1494, the church was expanded; further work carried out at the time of Bernardo Clesio made it necessary to consecrate the church anew, on 26 April 1539. The Chapel of S. Nicolò was then built, perhaps in honour of Nicolò Firmian.

In 1749 the church featured five altars; the carved and gilded wooden high altar was consecrated on 21 December of that year by the coadjutor Bishop Leopold Ernst von Firmian and was then replaced in 1799 with a marble one.

Given the need for a church able to meet the needs of a larger population, in 1861 the parish priest, Don Luigi Grandi, entrusted the architect Leopoldo de Claricini to draw up a project; following the demolition of the old church, the first stone was laid on 19 October 1862.

Once the work was finished, the parish priest consecrated the church on 23 December 1866, and the first mass was celebrated on 1 January 1867.

On 3 November 1867, the church was consecrated by the Prince Bishop de Riccabona; the building was renovated in 1967 in accordance with the liturgical norms of the II Vatican Council by Don Leone Parisi, and on 10 December of the same year, the Archbishop of Trento, Alessandro Maria Gottardi, consecrated the new high altar during the solemn celebrations of the centenary of the church.

Other work, such as the reconstruction of the roof, the internal and external painting and the new lighting system, was carried out in recent times.


L. Melchiori: Pieve Santa Maria Mezzocorona: 1199 – 1999, Mezzocorona 1999

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